Last week’s Bridge SF conference in San Francisco was all about startups. They covered community engagement, cybersecurity, transportation, artificial intelligence, human-centric design and more. Government Technology already rounded up many of the Startup in Residence (STiR) companies that demonstrated their work through that program, but many more startups made an appearance. Here’s a look at some of those doing business with California cities.

The Startup in Residence (STiR) program, which matches tech companies with local government workers to help them solve public-sector problems, wants to grow a lot bigger. The program, which started in San Francisco in 2014, has since expanded to 11 local governments across the U.S. But on May 22, as its most recent round of companies demonstrated their work at the Bridge SF conference in San Francisco, STiR's leaders announced they want to grow to include 100 local governments within five years.

Bridge SF, a three-day summit focused on innovation and technology in government, is joining up with the Startup in Residence (STiR) program this year while shifting the focus of the event. The summit, which is in its fourth year, will be held at the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center and LinkedIn headquarters in San Francisco in late May. Day one will feature demonstrations from companies involved with STiR, a program that has spread from San Francisco to cities across the country where companies embed themselves with local government workers in order to build better tools for them. There will be 20 startups and nine cities featured in those demos.