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  • Governer Partner :Bay Area Rapid Transit
  • Department :Office of the Chief Information Officer
  • Category :CRM / application management, Process Improvement

Project Summary

Improve the ability of the IT help desk to better serve internal stakeholders through self-service

Challenge Details

The BART Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) is responsible for managing BART’s help desk services.

Currently the help desk services must be improved to respond to current business needs. BART has 3,200 employees and a help desk staff of 4. We are far below the industry standards of 45:1 for enterprise networks using a number of operating systems and multiple hardware standards.

The help desk can receive customer request through a direct call, email, IT self service or walk up. If it is a direct call or walk up, the help desk logs the request in our ticketing system. If the request is made through email or IT self service then the ticket is automatically generated.

The help desk takes the customer request and attempts to do first call resolution. If they are unable to resolve the request, they triage the issue by documenting what is found and the troubleshooting that occured. At that time, the request is then passed to tier two or tier three support who then owns the issue through resolution.

BART has attempted to provide procedures for a self service portal but low adoption rate due to communication, ease of use, and outdated practices hindered its success.

Based on the resource constraints, the help desk is handling greater responsibilities by supporting numerous IT changes each month, staying abreast of technologies, and day to day user issues. This in turn leaves the help desk unable to address user issues in a timely fashion.

Many times the help desk is bogged down with user issues that could easily be fixed by the user themselves if an electronic troubleshooting system was in place. This results in:

• Higher call volumes
• Lack of first call resolution
• Internal stakeholders are left lacking support in a timely manner

BART is seeking a solution that will:
• Enable employees to resolve their own issues when possible
• Integrate with the existing help desk ticketing system
• Improve first call resolution
• Meet our service level agreements with our stakeholders