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  • Governer Partner :Bay Area Rapid Transit
  • Department :Ofiicer of the Chief Information Officer
  • Category :AV/AR, HR / Training, Process Improvement

Project Summary

Use augmented reality to improve, modernize, and allow greater immersion in the learning process for BART mechanics.

Challenge Details

The BART Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) is responsible for the proof-of-concept of the augmented reality tool.

Currently BART’s training program for maintenance workers, specifically those dealing with the trains, are required to attend classes when time permits. These classes do not utilize technology outside of video recordings. The current training approach is classroom based, hands on, and utilizes subject matter experts.

As a result of the classroom setting and limited class availability, there isn’t an opportunity for maintenance workers who missed training time to make it up in a schedule that works for them.

OCIO & Operations is seeking a solution that would have the following outcomes:

• A simple, attractive and intuitive user interface to facilitate participation from those with limited technological experience
• A system that allows the user to select the work environment and the level of difficulty during the training process
• A system that uses modern interactive technologies such as augmented reality to enhance and improve learning experience and outcomes
• A system that can connect with onboard diagnostic devices in trains to give employees a hands on training experience.
• Reducing training and onboarding time.
• Allow maintenance workers to schedule training time in a schedule that works for them.