• Governer Partner :San Francisco
  • Department :City Administrator’s Office
  • Category :Digitization, Geo Services, Mobile App, Process Improvement

Project Summary

Wayfinding for the SF Permit Center

Challenge Details

The City Administrator’s Office is overseeing the opening of a new building at 49 South Van Ness by spring 2020, which will co-locate most of the City’s permitting departments into a Permit Center. The 39,000 square foot second floor will be a place to visit one of many permit counters to complete one of the over 600 transactions that could take place while visiting relevant permitting departments. Making it easy for permittees to navigate the space will be critical to prevent confusion and provide a clear experience when applying for a permit at the Permit Center.

Currently, it can be inconsistent and unclear for people to navigate existing City buildings. This is an an opportunity to look strategically at how we provide wayfinding in our city buildings and help our customers feel confident and informed when they arrive. It is an opportunity to look at new ways of doing business including using electronic wayfinding.

What would success look like: A technology-based solution to provide a top notch service in electronic wayfinding that aligns with the existing queue management system, which allows applicants to easily secure the approvals they need from the customer-friendly Permit Center. The solution would also allow staff to easily update the wayfinding, to keep it up to date as the permit center changes over time.