• Governer Partner :San Francisco
  • Department :San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
  • Category :CRM / application management, Data Analytics, Data Collection / Security, Digitization, Process Improvement, Resident Engagement

Project Summary

Maximizing Client Impact through Data Systems Integration

Challenge Details

The SFPUC Workforce & Economic program provides under-represented San Francisco residents with opportunities to work with private contractors on City construction projects. We provide services to the workers on these projects through partnerships that cover barrier remediation, training, job placement, and retention.

SFPUC is currently unable to track workers as their employment status changes, such as, if a worker moves from a City job to a job with a private employer, is no longer employed or is on leave, or is employed in a different geographical location. SFPUC uses multiple manual, labor-intensive systems to track workers, and crucial data points in status change are easily lost and/or not captured. SFPUC wants a solution to pull the data from these systems,automate the data clean-up and analysis tracking workers over time, and report meaningful and actionable data in an accessible manner for different audiences related to SFPUC-funded jobs and small business impacts.

What would success look like: Success with this technology solution would allow SFPUC to automate, clean, validate, and analyze the data from two specific databases related to businesses and workers, and then present key insights/metrics to different audiences through a data visualization solution. For this project to be successful, we should be able to use an up-to-date and accurate data system to understand our current clients with data-driven insights into their employment challenges, and how SFPUC can better target its collective resources and investments to create greater efficiencies and better serve our communities’ needs.