• Governer Partner :City of Fremont
  • Department :Department of Public Works
  • Category :Mobility, Permit Streamlining, Process Improvement

Project Summary

Streamline and modernize transportation permits

Challenge Details

The City of Fremont is seeking a solution to modernize and streamline the issuance of transportation permits and enforcement of truck routes and regulations.

The Fremont Public Works Department issues transportation permits to ensure oversized loads are routed property through the City to avoid crashes due to low underpasses, weight issues, and other clearance issues.

The Fremont Police Traffic Unit is responsible for responding to injury collisions, neighborhood traffic complaints, managing the crossing guard contract, vehicle abatement, enforcing the California Vehicle Code and local municipal ordinances, the Automated Red-light Program, Truck Routes and providing educational programs for the community. The Traffic Unit enforces the movement of heavy trucks to restricted truck traffic routes.

Transportation permits are issued by fax or in person by completing a form and submitting the required auto liability insurance certificate and payment by check. Transporters must receive City approval of their proposed route using truck routes when possible to the nearest point of entry to the destination.

Trucks traveling on non-truck routes can be stopped by a Fremont police officer and required to show proof of a transportation permit. Verification of a transportation permit is validated by a police officer by calling the transportation engineering group. Violating truck routes are subject to a citation by a police officer.

Fremont is facing a significant challenge that is impacting the quality of life for our residents and businesses. Regional cut-through traffic is clogging our roadways with motorists that do not live or work in Fremont. In addition, truck traffic continues to increase due to a healthy economy and limited rail infrastructure capacity. Just-in-time manufacturing and delivery systems, like the Tesla Motors facility in Fremont, have resulted in an increase in truck loads at all times of the day and night to support time-critical processes.

City staff experiences the following pain points:

  • -Staff time required in reviewing proposed truck routes
  • -Based on other workload, permit turnaround is a minimum of 24 hours
  • -Tracking payments, drawdown accounts, and insurance requirements
  • -Police traffic unit does not have direct access to the permit database to verify valid permits, especially after hours and weekends
  • -Police traffic unit must pull over trucks in order to determine if a valid permit was issued

Public Works seeks a solution that would have the following outcomes:

  • -A software solution with automated approval/rejection of proposed truck travel route
  • -Shared permit database with the police department
  • -Improved permit request processing time
  • -Integrated permit and online payment system for a seamless customer experience
  • -Secure online digital payment system that accepts credit card payments to minimize person-to-person transactions
  • -Ability for permittees to check balances, dues, credits and transactions online
  • -Increase in number of truck permits issued due to improvement permit and payment systems
  • -Ability for a police officer to identify permitted trucks without a traffic stop
  • -Decrease of truck travel on residential streets
  • -Reallocate police staff and resources to address and respond to higher priority issues