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  • Governer Partner :City of Glendale
  • Department :Department of Innovation, Performance and Audit
  • Category :CRM / application management, Process Improvement

Project Summary

Easy-to-use audit management system for city auditors and audit stakeholders

Challenge Details

To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the current quarterly audit follow up through a single database source for required reports, automated report/reminder emails.

Glendale Innovation Performance and Audit Department (IPA) is a department that finds new ways to deliver great service to the City of Glendale. The Internal Audit team of IPA independently conducts audits that determine if existing controls are adequate and if departments are operating efficiently and effectively. The Audit team recommends improvements that promote efficiency and effectiveness of City operations and save taxpayer dollars.

Internal Audit is required to conduct a quarterly follow-up of open audit issues from past audit reports to determine whether appropriate corrective actions have been taken by the management. This is currently done by updating an excel matrix after obtaining updates from each department via email every quarter, then producing relevant reports to audit stakeholders.

The current update process involves multiple Excel matrices, project folders, and file duplication. Managing the follow ups cost valuable staff time and the process is tedious. A more efficient system would help free up auditors and reduce confusion for those reporting their status to the follow up process in other departments.

IPA seeks a solution that would have the follow outcomes:
• A single database source for all required reports, including the audit report and two types of follow-up matrices.
• Reducing the copy/pasting between matrices and audit report tables.
• Reducing the back-and-forth of emailing between auditors and stakeholder departments during a follow up.
• Automating information gathered from follow up activities into a report for KPI tracking, as well as for the City Manager and Audit Committee.