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  • Governer Partner :City of Glendale
  • Department :The Library, Arts & Culture Department
  • Category :Data Collection / Security, Digitization

Project Summary

Library card based identification and access system to enable users to access multiple library resources including books, facilities and other resources

Challenge Details

To employ a system that allows users to unlock conference room doors with their library cards based on their registered appointment times.

The Library, Arts & Culture Department provides the community with the opportunity to seek and share ideas and information that will enrich lives, foster literacy, inspire intellectual curiosity and stimulate the imagination.

Glendale libraries currently employ a conference room reservation system with Andover Continuum, where users can go online to book rooms to study or work in. Each conference room is currently equipped with a RFID lock, but only a small number of keys are kept by clerks at the front desk. In order to access a booked room, users must temporarily exchange their ID with a RFID key at the front desk, and then return the key when they are done with the room.

This process is cumbersome for both the user and for library staff. Trading personal ID cards back and forth to access conference room keys takes time away from City staff, and creates an unnecessary annoyance for patrons. Glendale would like to invest in a system that allows users autonomy in accessing the rooms as long as they have made reservations. Ideally, the City would like to see a system where patrons’ library cards could be used to open a conference room door during the hours they have reserved the room. By allowing users to open the door with their library cards, they will no longer have to wait for staff and trade in their personal ID to access a room.

Glendale Libraries seeks a solution that would have the following outcomes:
• Software that interfaces with our existing room reservation system and a list of registered library card users.
• The ability for existing card holders to open RFID locks on conference room doors only after they’ve reserved the room online.
• Libraries can invest in future RFID library cards, and does not require that component from a startup.