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  • Governer Partner :City of Glendale
  • Department :Department of Innovation, Performance and Audit
  • Category :Open Gov, Process Improvement, Resident Engagement

Project Summary

Citizen engagement platform for sharing innovative ideas by City employees as well as residents

Challenge Details

To create an interactive innovation database, where City staff can contribute and discuss the ideas that they would like to see come from City Hall.

Glendale’s Department of Innovation Performance and Audit (IPA) is an office that finds new ways to deliver great service to the City of Glendale. The Innovation Team is tasked with identifying areas for improvement in the City, and transforming the ideas of staff into practical solutions.

Currently, IPA collects ideas for new projects from City management, audit findings, or from talking to employees and listening to the pain points or suggestions they have regarding their work. These ideas are manually entered into an excel sheet by an analyst, and are referenced when the department is looking for unexplored opportunities.

Glendale staff have no medium, outside of direct emails, to view or discuss these ideas once they’ve been communicated to IPA. The department would like to create a web space where staff can submit and share their ideas regarding things they would like to see from the City. These ideas would be read and responded to by IPA staff, then acted upon based on their priority and alignment with larger executive goals. If an idea cannot immediately be executed, IPA staff will explain why and update users with its progress over time. As ideas collect in the bank over time, IPA will be able to draw upon them to start new projects, and involve relevant stakeholders who expressed interest in the idea to help with project execution.

The department would also like the option to extend a version of the Idea Bank to residents in the future, as our capacity for addressing challenges increases.

IPA would seek a solution that would have the following outcomes:
• A digital space where Glendale employees (and eventually residents) can submit pain points, suggestions, or things they would like to see from City Hall.
• The ability for people to interact with other submissions, through either a voting option or comments, where they can contribute their ideas to existing posts.
• The ability for IPA staff to prioritize idea submissions on the backend, separate from the public voting feature.
• A potential mapping feature, where staff/residents can geotag their improvement suggestions onto the geography of the City.
• Potentially two separate iterations of this concept: one that functions for city staff only and concerns organizational improvements, and another public-facing space where residents can submit their own ideas.