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  • Governer Partner :City of Glendale
  • Department :Management Services Department
  • Category :Mobile App, Resident Engagement

Project Summary

Citzen engagement platform for residents and visitors to access city resources via smartphone.

Challenge Details

To consolidate multiple web and mobile services utilized by the City into a single mobile experience.

Glendale’s Management Services Department directs and coordinates the business affairs of the City.

Glendale, like most cities, face a problem of diminishing returns when investing in apps that provide services to its residents. As more and more companies offer their mobile services, the City is forced to promote additional app downloads, and users are forced to create a multitude of accounts to interact with to navigate services. Eventually, residents don’t bother interacting with these apps unless they absolutely have to.

Glendale would like the ability to consolidate multiple City service apps into a single user experience, where residents are only required to download a single “Glendale app”, but can use it to interact with all vendors the City is in partnership with.

Glendale seeks a solution that would have the following outcomes:
• A single “City app” that would act as a portal to all mobile vendors that City currently is in contract with, without users having to download or log into multiple apps.
• A single log in interface that would allow residents to access all Glendale vendors within the “City app”.
• The ability to conduct payments as needed with the vendors through the central app.
• The ability to integrate into any future app vendors that the City may enter contracts with.