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  • Governer Partner :City of Henderson
  • Category :Digitization, Mobile App, Open Gov, Resident Engagement

Project Summary

Digital platform for residents and visitors to access government services via smartphone.

Challenge Details

A public facing app that citizens can download that would present the City’s online services. This app would also have the back-end capability of anonymous data analytics to capture how often the app is used, what online services are accessed most frequently. This app should also be a platform to connect with future technologies throughout the city once they have been implemented.

Citizens currently navigate to the city’s website to access online services. They first need to find Online Services, then select from a long list — this can be time consuming. Also, city employees do not have any data analytics around the site.

Citizens would save time accessing one specific app instead of going to the website. Data analytics would also provide insight for our employees to better understand the needs of our citizens.

The lack of a one stop shop that citizens can access to utilize online services to them and the lack of data analytics to solve citizen needs proactively.

The City is currently in the process of digitizing information and processes for interacting with city services. The City wants this app to be able to incorporate information and processes from different departments over time.

A citizen friendly app that will encourage residents to utilize city services online in one location and an anonymous data collection tool that would assist the city in providing better services proactively.