• Governer Partner :City of Henderson
  • Category :AI/ML, Natural Language Processing (or Language), Open Gov, Process Improvement

Project Summary

Digital assistant to enable residents to have a voice interface to city services

Challenge Details

To have technology that enables our citizens to request information from the City through voice commands.

City of Henderson residents cannot utilize Amazon Alexa to access City information. Currently, our residents would have to either search our website or call our customer service line to access this information which could be time consuming.

The City of Henderson currently doesn’t have a way to integrate with Digital Assistants. The City would like to develop Digital Assistants’ skills that would integrate with our existing City applications and citizen’s cell phone to call our emergency services in case of an emergency. This would create a concierge level of service for our residents.

Our residents who use Digital Assistants would have the ability to use voice commands through City of Henderson “Skills” to access the information they are requesting.