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  • Governer Partner :City of Henderson
  • Category :Mobile App, Mobility, Public Safety, Resiliency

Project Summary

Citizen engagement tool to increase students walking to school.

Challenge Details

The City of Henderson is seeking technology to promote students walking to school in a safe way. Potentially an app or website where students could join a group of other students walking to school. This could be a potential campaign in our Henderson newsletter to market the technology. This solution should include the ability to inform parents about their child’s location while walking to and from school. This will give parents peace of mind and encourage their children to walk.

Our goal is to increase the likelihood of students walking to school, increase parental comfort, reduce emissions and congestion throughout the city, and increase the overall health of students in Henderson.

This issue affects the citizens of Henderson and the transportation professionals who are attempting to decrease the traffic issues on our streets. Parents sometimes believe that walking to school is not a safe option, so they drive their children to school creating unnecessary traffic. Busing is not available until the students are 2 miles away from the school.

It would relieve traffic congestion and benefit the overall health of our citizens and students. Increase the vitality and vibrancy of our public spaces for our citizens.

Reducing congestion in our streets while minimizing air pollution by encouraging students to walk to school. Lack of exercise for students due to parents driving their children to school.