• Governer Partner :City of Henderson
  • Department :Public Works
  • Category :IoT, Mobile App, Permit Streamlining

Project Summary

Asset management platform for tracking deployment of barricades.

Challenge Details

The City of Henderson is seeking a streamlined process of notifying the public and the city when barricades are deployed in streets.

The city offers a 30-day window for barricade permits, but often the work takes 5 -6 days to complete. The city relies on the vendor to inform the city when they set up the barricade and when they take it down. This causes manual tracking of barricades.

It would allow data from the barricade set up and take down to automatically upload to the city’s tracking sheets for invoicing. It would also reduce congestion by minimizing the use of barricades.

Devices that would be able to notify the city when barricade set up begins and take down ends through an alert that would automatically sync with the city’s tracking device. For example, if a signal was automatically turned on when a construction sign has been placed and turned off when it was taken down. Alternatively, the vendor can notify the city when a barricade is deployed or removed via an app or voice response system.