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  • Governer Partner :City of Long Beach
  • Department :Public Works Department
  • Category :AI/ML, Data Analytics, Data Collection / Security, IoT, Mobility, Public Safety, Resident Engagement

Project Summary

Deploy electric and autonomous vehicles to reduce congestion and increase safety.

Challenge Details

The problem of traffic and parking management along Anaheim Street and around the Alamitos Bay area affects many people including drivers, pedestrians, and riders. The City of Long Beach Office of Civic Innovation has formed a public-private collaboration between city departments, public agencies, private corporations, and citizens to develop a Smart Cities Initiative. The goal of the Smart Cities Initiative is to make Anaheim Street safer for vehicle traffic, pedestrians, and cyclists while making it more appealing for residents, shoppers, and business owners.

Currently, the corner of 2nd Street and Pacific Coast Highway is already a pretty heavily trafficked intersection. There have been multiple attempts at getting a retail development approved at this property. One of the main stumbling blocks has been the issue of traffic and congestion. Now, that a project has indeed been approved, there is a high priority to find a solution that will help solve any anticipated traffic congestion and parking issues.

The City of Long Beach would like to develop a pilot (or demonstration) program to test electric and autonomous transportation vehicles. This pilot would also incorporate technology that can help provide greater information about the availability and location of parking in the area, including street parking, parking lots, and parking structures. There is great interest in the application of EV, AV and parking solutions across the city.

Long Beach is known for having parking issues across the city because the City was planned in an era where cars were not yet prevalent. AV and parking technology may be a way to alleviate these issues by using a highly-trafficked and parked area as a pilot.

Desired outcomes include:

• Less traffic collisions
• More people traveling to this region of the City
• Less cars on the road.
• Alleviate impacted parking
• Respond to constituent concerns regarding traffic planning