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  • Governer Partner :City of Long Beach
  • Department :Public Works and Technology and Innovation Departments
  • Category :AI/ML, Data Analytics, Data Collection / Security, IoT, Mobility, Public Safety, Resident Engagement

Project Summary

Technological solutions to assess, design, and implement traffic calming solutions.

Challenge Details

East Anaheim Street is a major arterial corridor that spans east and west across the city. It stretches through five different neighbors that are very diverse in terms of economic capacity and ethnicity. This corridor is known to have high traffic which has resulted in a number of traffic and pedestrian collisions. We are looking for ways to help slow traffic, reduce traffic collisions and portray a message of both traffic safety and public safety which invites drivers, business owners, and residents to live, work and do business in this area. We are seeking technological solutions that would help assess, design, and implement traffic calming solutions to help the economic viability of this corridor and attract residents and business owners to live, work, and do business in this area.

We are open to a wide variety of solutions, such as data analytics through video or mobile, pedestrian sensors, traffic calming strategies, placemaking strategies, and traffic signal technology.

Desired outcomes include:
• Increased pedestrian and cycle traffic in the corridor
• Decreased traffic collisions
• An increase in people feeling safe to cross the street, reduced traffic speeds, people wanting to shop in this area because they feel safe
• Increase traffic and public safety