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  • Governer Partner :City of Long Beach
  • Department :Police Department
  • Category :CRM / application management, Mobile App, Process Improvement

Project Summary

Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled recruitment application management portal

Challenge Details

The Police Department is looking a technology tool to improve the process to recruiting, hiring, training and retaining police personnel.

Currently, the City’s process for recruiting, hiring, training and retaining new police personnel could be improved to accommodate the review, which takes too long due to the amount of time and manpower required to review and process the number of applications received. Sometimes this results in losing recruits to other police departments and/or selecting applicants that do not possess the requisite skills to be successful in the various phases of Police Department’s training program.

This would be a Software as a Service (SAAS) or software product that would include a website, app, and network components.

Directly, this would result in a more streamlined recruiting and hiring process that would provide a better user experience for both the applicants and the hiring personnel. This would have the indirect effect on our residents as they will have more officers ready to address public safety matters more quickly.

Desired outcomes include:
• Improve the recruitment and hiring process for staff
– Strategy for marketing job opportunities
– Where job postings are listed
– How applications are reviewed
– Interviewing
– Background checks
• Improve the recruitment and hiring process for applicants
– Instructions for applying
– Pre training to provide awareness of the job and strategies to be successful during training
• Reduce the time it takes to recruit and hire police personnel
• Reduce the time it takes to get new police personnel on the streets
• Quality of review
• Quality of response
• A way to remove emotion and bias from the decision-making process
– Develop library of necessary skills and traits
– Assess risk and potential
– Ability to learn what skills and traits a successful candidate possess