The application period for this challenge is now closed

  • Governer Partner :City of Long Beach
  • Department :Development Services Department
  • Category :Digitization, Geo Services

Project Summary

The objective of this project is to develop an online interactive mapping tool which informs stakeholders of the major development project in process throughout the city.

Challenge Details

The City of Long Beach Development Services Department is looking to develop an online interactive mapping tool that shows all of the developments across the city with updated information in real time and is accessible by multiple stakeholders.

Currently, the Development Services Department has no real-time way of updating the public of development projects throughout the city. It currently has to print reports in hard-copy form. The information is often outdated and inaccessible.

This would be pretty simply an online interactive mapping tool. It would use GIS information on the City website that would include the mapped location, the type of project, who is the developer, the stage of development, and the proposed development budget.

This would provide a transparency of information that is updated in real time.