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  • Governer Partner :City of Napa
  • Department :Economic Development Division
  • Category :Communications, CRM / application management, Mobile App, Resident Engagement

Project Summary

Mobile app that allows personalization by residents and visitors to access information about area amenities, businesses, city resources, events, and other relevant data.

Challenge Details

Improve access to information so that residents and visitors can better discover the city by generating curated content through the creation of a user-friendly, innovative application for mobile devices.

The Economic Development Division (EDD) is the responsible agency for this initiative. The City’s economic development functions are housed in the City Manager’s Office. Economic development is an essential service focused on initiatives, programs, and actions that further the City’s goals to ensure the quality of life for residents, and contribute to the economic health of the community. EDD efforts include, but are not limited to:

• Providing resources and information to residents, visitors, developers, and businesses;
• Developer recruitment, and business retention, expansion and attraction;
• Public-private partnerships;
• Creative placemaking; and
• Cooperative tourism marketing and management.

Currently, the City of Napa communicates information through traditional mediums including email newsletters, websites, and other social media platforms. However, these approaches do not allow for flexibility in discovering the city of Napa, and personalizing the information to meet the specific needs of the resident and visitor user. To better showcase the community’s amenities, such as events, business offerings, distinct districts, and natural areas to name a few, the City of Napa is seeking a mobile application solution so that this type of information is accessible in real-time, and customized to meet the individualized needs of residents and visitors.

The City of Napa wants to ensure that residents and visitors alike discover the city in a way that works for the individual. Residents have communicated the perception that the need for offerings within the community are not to be geared to them in addition to, but rather to the visitor. For the traveler to Napa, the goal is to easily make available, on-the-go and in real-time, the type of information, and more, that can be found on existing tourism websites such as Do Napa, and Visit Napa Valley.

The City is seeking a mobile application solution that would provide for the following types of outcomes:

• Allows residents and visitors alike to easily discover what Napa has to offer based on their individualized information needs.

• Generates information pertaining to community amenities such as events, business offerings, distinct places, historic buildings and districts, shopping, nature, geofencing, and the like.

• Creates a user experience that is real-time, easy to navigate, easy to populate, and encourages repeat users.

• Drives residents and visitors to city destinations relevant to their needs and interests.

• Can be mobilized for rollout in the near future; is cost-effective to purchase and operate within the anticipated not-to-exceed budget; is mobile-device operating system agnostic; and can easily integrate with other City systems such as Lucity.

• Provides for an easy-to-remember, distinctive app name and corresponding logo that are appealing and relatable to Napa.