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  • Governer Partner :City of Norfolk
  • Department :Waste Management Division
  • Category :Data Collection / Security, IoT

Project Summary

Real-time waste management system to prevent missed trash pickup

Challenge Details

How might we implement a real time refuse collection monitoring system to eliminate missed garbage can collections?

Substantially reduce the number of missed collections of refuse containers by Public Works Waste Management Division refuse collectors during normal collection operations.

What is your department responsible for in relation to this challenge?
The Department of Public Works Waste Management Division is responsible for collecting approximately 60,000 refuse containers from residences and small businesses at least once a week. Collections are done using automated trucks as well as rear loaders.

What is the current state of your process?
Currently, all refuse collection trucks are outfitted with GPS transponders; however, the drivers are not able to access the database to check where they have been.
When a refuse collector is driving their route, they often must alter their normal route because of obstacles such as delivery trucks, construction zones, etc. Refuse collectors must remember which streets they have missed. Without a data logging system to keep track of all the deviations from their normal route, they frequently miss collections. A refuse truck must be dispatched the next day to pick up the missed cans, because citizens will not tolerate having to wait until the following week to have their garbage collected. Refuse collection is the only service the city provides that must be fully completed every week.

What pain points do your staff and/or residents experience?
The problem affects our residents, refuse collectors and city management. Residents suffer missed trash collections, refuse collectors must work longer hours to make special trips to pick up missed trash, and city management spends excessive time fielding & managing calls from angry residents over missed collections.

The desired outcome is to have all refuse cans emptied on all collection routes every day without having to make extra trips to pick up missed collections after the routes have been completed.