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  • Governer Partner :City of Peoria
  • Department :Community Development Department
  • Category :CRM / application management, Data Analytics, Digitization, Open Gov, Permit Streamlining, Process Improvement

Project Summary

Digital platform for rental property inspection

Challenge Details

The City of Peoria Community Development Department is responsible for rental property registration and inspection in order to protect the health safety and welfare of tenants and the community.

The current process relies on the completion of a physical self-inspection form. The self-inspection form is a two-page paper document consisting of information on property owner responsibilities and an itemized checklist of items related to issues of life safety required by code. The form must be signed by both the property owner and tenant prior to occupancy at the start of each lease. When an inspector receives a complaint from a tenant about the state of their rental property, the inspector may ask to see a copy of the self-inspection form. If the property owner cannot produce the form, they are not in compliance with the applicable ordinance and are issued a ticket.

Additionally, the Community Development Department is beginning the process of moving to a new enterprise software (Tyler Technologies) that manages the rental property information and the related parcel (e.g. property description, zoning classification, etc.), property owner, and tenant data. With the move to a different software, the Community Development Department is moving away from paper and looking to digitize our processes to allow us to cross-reference the inspection form with tenant complaints about the property and other relevant property-related data.

In the past, the Department proactively inspected rental units throughout the City. In response to budget constraints, the Department provides the self-inspection for property owners and tenants in lieu of proactive rental inspections.

Some tenants (and property owners) find difficulty in understanding the different code requirements and the self-inspection process. This confusion leads some tenants and property owners to mistakenly indicate on the self-inspection form that they are in compliance.
A lack of rigor in the process of completing the self-inspection form and of verifiable documentation creates accountability challenges for city staff, property owners and tenants when complaints are made regarding rental units.

The Community Development Department is seeking a solution that property owners and tenants can use to hold each other accountable in upholding the terms of their private lease but also allow the Department to enforce the self-inspection requirement and provide safe, quality rental housing in Peoria.

The Community Development Department is looking for a solution that provides the following outcomes:

• Moves the process from paper to digital.
• Make it easier for property owners and tenants to find information about a property and understand how the code applies to the property.
• Provides accountability and transparency for property owners, tenants, and the Community Development Department
• A user-friendly and attractive interface to encourage participation from those with limited technological expertise
• Accessible data allowing the Community Development Department to better measure compliance to more effectively maintain housing standards in Peoria.