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  • Governer Partner :Private: City of Sacramento
  • Department :Department of Public Works
  • Category :AI/ML, Data Analytics, Data Collection / Security, IoT, Mobility, Process Improvement, Public Safety

Project Summary

Data collection solution to streamline crosswalk planning.

Challenge Details

The City aims to collect better data on pedestrian volumes in a more streamlined way to inform the placement of crosswalks at intersections throughout the City.

In addition to setting speed limits on City roads, Public Works is responsible for identifying intersections where crosswalks should be placed. According to City Code, “The city traffic engineer shall establish devices, marks or lines upon the surface of the roadway at all intersections where the city traffic engineer determines that there is particular hazard to pedestrians crossing the roadway.”

The City’s Pedestrian Crossing Guidelines are intended to guide decision-making regarding the placement of new or improved pedestrian crossing facilities. Initially, candidate locations are identified by request from residents or high-scoring streets. Locations are further reviewed by staff through field investigations that include manual pedestrian counts. These counts, along with other factors, are incorporated in a rank-ordered list that prioritizes the placement of new or modified pedestrian crossings.

The process of conducting field investigations could better utilize staff time and resources.

Through the use of sensors, other technologies, or commercial data sources, the City would like to accomplish the following:
• Automate the data collection process of pedestrian counts at intersections throughout the City.
• Enable the City to be more responsive to changing conditions and be better equipped to prioritize pedestrian crossings.