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  • Governer Partner :Private: City of Sacramento
  • Department :Department of Public Works
  • Category :AI/ML, Data Analytics, Data Collection / Security, Geo Services, IoT, Mobility, Public Safety

Project Summary

Enforce or incentivize safer driving in the absence of law enforcement and traffic calming facilities.

Challenge Details

The City aims to reduce the occurrence of erratic driving (reckless speeding, unsafe lane changes, failing to stop at intersections, etc.) that occurs in the absence of a law enforcement officer.

The Sacramento Police Department is responsible for the enforcement of driving laws in the City of Sacramento. The Department of Public Works is responsible for the installation of traffic calming facilities (speed humps, flashing lights, etc.).

The Police Department is unable to be omnipresent at all times to prevent or enforce erratic driving behaviors. Public Works lacks the resources to install traffic calming facilities at every location where erratic driving occurs.

Erratic driving endangers the traveling public and lowers quality of life in neighborhoods where it occurs. In severe cases, erratic driving causes property damage, injury, and loss of human life. Also, erratic driving will hinder the eventual deployment of autonomous vehicles with the potential to save thousands of lives.

Through the use of new, low-cost technologies, the City would like to accomplish the following:
• Reduce the occurrence of erratic driving.
• Change the behavior of erratic drivers through prevention or provide a legal, cost-effective enforcement mechanism in the absence of a law enforcement officer.