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  • Governer Partner :Private: City of Sacramento
  • Department :Department of Public Works
  • Category :AI/ML, Data Analytics, Data Collection / Security, IoT, Mobile App, Mobility

Project Summary

Data collection to understand travel patterns across different modes of transit

Challenge Details

The City aims to gain greater visibility into the travel patterns (time of day, duration, departure/destination, etc.) and modes of transit (types of trips) taken by residents to better inform policies that might support:

1. Deployment of emerging mobility solutions, such as shared bikes and scooters;
2. Equitable access to sustainable transit modes;
3. Road congestion; and,
4. Progress toward climate goals.

In addition to managing congestion, the Department of Public Works is responsible for administering programs to support active and sustainable transportation.

The City’s Traffic Operations Center manages live camera feeds throughout the City and some data is collected on trip patterns and modes of transit. However, the City lacks access to data that could provide robust travel pattern analytics.

Progress toward policy goals and access to emerging mobility technologies is moving slower than if the City had better visibility into the travel patterns of its residents and visitors. Further, lack of access to this data makes it difficult to respond to dynamic conditions in an area experiencing rapid change.

The City seeks to:
• Collect, analyze and interpret more data about travel patterns across different modes
• Make more data-driven decisions regarding emerging shared mobility solutions and implementation of its policy goals.