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  • Governer Partner :Private: City of Sacramento
  • Department :Department of Public Works
  • Category :Communications, Data Analytics, Data Collection / Security, Mobile App, Mobility, Resident Engagement

Project Summary

Application of behavioral science research to reduce traffic congestion

Challenge Details

The City aims to employ the use of behavioral science research and insights that could be used to increase demand for, and adoption of, shared transit modes.

The Department of Public Works is responsible for enhancing mobility within the City of Sacramento. While the Department is not a transit operator, Public Works regularly collaborates with our primary transit operator, Sacramento Regional Transit District.

Public transit ridership is on the decline and the most impactful way for the City to reduce single occupancy vehicle trips is to encourage the use of shared transit modes. The City must get beyond marketing and outreach campaigns to better understand ways it can help increase adoption of shared transit modes.

As a result of single occupancy vehicle trips, congestion is worsening and that means residents are spending more time in their cars than spending time on the things that matter most in their lives.

Through the use of behavioral science research, the City seeks to:
• Better target its resources toward methods and tools that have the potential to “nudge” residents away from single occupancy trips and toward shared transit modes.
• If successful, residents will spend less time in transit and more time focused on what matters most.