• Governer Partner :City of San Diego
  • Department :Economic Development Department
  • Category :Communications, CRM / application management, Geo Services

Project Summary

Social networking platform to improve strength of local nonprofit community.

Challenge Details

To develop a social networking site designed specifically to benefit the non-profit community. The goal of establishing the site is to allow registered non-profit members to create, establish and nurture connectivity among all stakeholders in San Diego’s non-profit ecosystem.

According to a recent research study completed by the University of San Diego, there are approximately 12,832 registered non-profit, tax-exempt organizations in San Diego County. This includes everything from homeless shelters and fundraising foundations to trade associations and advocacy groups that promote causes such as increased transit options and environmental protection.

Many of these organizations often have similar mission statements and/or areas of interest, but often compete for the same resources (e.g. funding, talent, media exposure and donors). When used strategically and thoughtfully, social media platforms offer an ideal pathway for nonprofits to connect with all other relevant stakeholders, spur collaboration, cultivate loyal donors, and expand their reach and audience.

Economic Development Department seek a software solution that would have the following outcomes:
• Create a social networking platform that captures organizational profile; mission and purpose, area(s) of focus, programs, donors, leadership team
• Create a knowledge management tool to incentivizes the sharing of best practices and joint collaboration
• A mapping tool that will help identify local/regional/federal funding opportunities based on area of interest, resource availability and expertise
• Ability to identify potential prospective board members based on professional expertise and interests.