• Governer Partner :City of San Diego
  • Department :Economic Development Department
  • Category :Data Collection / Security, IoT

Project Summary

Stimulate application development by startup ecosystem for applications using various sensor data from city's intelligent streetlights.

Challenge Details

Develop and design a series of software applications based on data from our City’s Intelligent Streetlight network that the general public can widely use. The goal is to develop a myriad of applications that would help with the delivery of city services, improve quality of life and enhance public safety. The City currently experiences several challenges that impact our ability to provide adequate, efficient public services to our residents; or that marginalize quality of life and public safety. For example, although the City often experiences traffic congestion, the congestion is not always caused by vehicles in transit to a particular destination. Rather, it is caused by those who have already arrived at their destination and are searching for available parking. This situation is particularly common leading up to, or during, large public events occurring in urban centers. As a result, streets can become clogged, in part, by drivers searching for a place to park their vehicles. Several studies have found that cruising for curb parking generates about 30 percent of the traffic in central business districts.

In addition, it is necessary for the City’s Public Utilities Department to periodically address water emergency hazards caused by water flowing from ground level or a subterranean pipe causing flooding, soil erosion, pavement or structural damage. Aligned with these maintenance and repair efforts, the City regularly performs road closures and/or traffic detours, allowing contractors full access to roadway facilities. This impact creates a nuisance for commuters and residents.

Finally, research released earlier this year found that seismic events occurring under the heart of San Diego (Rose Canyon fault line) could potentially produce stronger and more frequent earthquakes than previously thought. A seismic warning system that would give San Diegans advanced notification of a quake could significantly reduce injury and death.

By using the City’s intelligent streetlight network, it will help spur the development of innovative software solutions applications that can significantly boost government services and help reduce our operating costs.

San Diego is installing 3,200 smart sensors/nodes, implementing what will be the world’s largest urban IoT platform. The nodes would be connected to a digital network that will collect and use real-time anonymous sensor data. These smart sensors are equipped with several features such as; cameras, thermometer, barometer, hygrometer, accelerator (3-axis), acoustical sensor (noise, firearm discharge detection).

These innovative software solution applications will allow the City to improve the quality of its services and enhance public safety and quality of life for all San Diegans.

Economic Development Department seeks to develop a myriad of software application solutions that would have the following outcomes:
• Develop different software applications using the data generated by the streetlight sensors
• Create innovative software applications such as (for example); street hazards detection and public notification (e.g. road closures, traffic accidents, water/sewer main maintenance and repairs, construction activities, and seismic detection that will enhance city services and improve public safety.
• Create software applications that have valued information, user friendly and easy to operate by the general public. For example, an application that assists drivers in locating available on-street parking spaces.