• Governer Partner :City of San Jose
  • Department :Public Works Department, The Office of Equality Assurance (OEA)
  • Category :CRM / application management, Data Collection / Security, Digitization, Process Improvement

Project Summary

Compliance management tools for city employees monitoring contractor compliance.

Challenge Details

Create a web-based tool to help improve work processes and reporting for Office of Equality Assurance (OEA) staff, while building stronger relationships with City of San Jose’s Project Managers and external contractors.

OEA monitors public works projects to ensure contractor compliance with prevailing wage laws. Contractors submit documents on a regular basis via email or traditional mail. Compliance Specialists then independently track projects using a combination of Excel spreadsheets and hard-copy files.

This method of monitoring is compartmentalized and creates document silos that restrict compliance insight, coordination, and metrics. In addition, printing out and storing each document and certified payroll report is inefficient and costly.

A web-based tool with upload and recordkeeping capabilities will benefit City staff and external contractors.
For contactors, the tool will create a more efficient process for submitting labor compliance documents and payroll reports. They will be able to:
• Create company profiles that can be used to maintain a record of the company’s compliance performance.
• Upload labor compliance forms and/or certified payroll reports and maintain a log of activity.
• See if there are any problems with documents they submitted and be notified about documents that are outstanding.

For OEA, the tool will allow:
• For better communication of compliance status with stakeholders
• Reports on compliance status across single projects, all projects, an even individual contractors will be readily available
• In addition, payroll review time can be significantly reduced with the introduction of field verification on reports uploaded by contractors