• Governer Partner :City of San Jose
  • Department :City Manager’s Office, Office of Economic Development
  • Category :CRM / application management, Digitization, Geo Services, Payments / Lending, Process Improvement

Project Summary

Asset management platform and online booking platform for public advertising banners on city street light poles.

Challenge Details

Develop an easy to use streetlight banner management system that provides certainty for the applicant, flexibility for the City to manage scheduling conflicts and revenue for the City to grow and maintain the overall system. It should be as simple as reserving a seat on an airplane or a hotel room.

The City of San Jose Office of Economic Development manages the application and approval process, while the Department of Transportation (DOT) manages the infrastructure, installation, removal and billing processes.

Currently, all processes are managed through outdated and inaccurate paper systems and policies, which are chock full of opportunities for conflict. The Banner Program is housed on a web page with links to PDF’s which applicants and City staff are required to print, fill out, scan and send back via email. The banner locations are contained in 37 sheets street segmented maps that applicants circle or highlight by hand unless they have access to software that allows them to edit pdfs, to which they would highlight electronically. The existing maps are inaccurate and no one has the native files from which they were created. DOT has updated their online ArcView maps but those are not designed in an easy way to highlight or create separate (reservation) files.

City policy allows reservations on a first come, first served basis for any quantity of banners years in advance, with no requirement for deposit. Policy allows for banners to remain in place up to a month before the event dates, however staff allow banners to remain in place longer if there are no other demands if the events are not date specific, such as Sharks hockey kick-off or play-off seasons. Banner reservations are made by a small number of groups associated with City facilities and these individuals are very familiar with the processes. However, we do have reservations being made by third-party event managers, who may not be as familiar with the process.

The paper process is cumbersome and may be confusing. The biggest problems occur during busy seasons when multiple events occur during a similar time period. Applicants currently pay the same rate whether their banners are up for a week or a month, many want their banners up for as long as possible and the city doesn’t limit or track banner time. This currently limits the availability of banners for other events or operators to promote their events in City facilities.

The City would like to first to collect and evaluate the existing data and then possible evaluate options such as application fees, fees per duration or quantity, etc. Also, data may need to be entered into a dashboard (to be created) that is place on a SalesForce (or other) platform to allow for analysis and policy decision making.

The Office of Economic Development is seeking an online solution that allows applicants to:
• Login
• Create an account
• Review easy to understand guidelines
• View what is available for reservations
• Request desired banner locations
• Reserve their priority locations
• Pay a deposit
• Pay an application fee
• Agree to terms and conditions
• Receive instructions for banner drop-off and pick-up

The Solution would also allow DOT staff to view banner requests and plan their work in advance without waiting for OED staff to send them approved application packets and instructions.