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  • Governer Partner :City of San Jose
  • Department :Housing Department
  • Category :CRM / application management, Data Analytics, Data Collection / Security, Digitization, Process Improvement, Resident Engagement

Project Summary

Data integration and management platform for Housing Department employees to manage affordable housing portfolio

Challenge Details

To create a rent roll reporting process that makes better use of technology synergies and information resonances to 1) reduce the workload for borrowers who submit information and Housing Department staff that reviews and reports on the information, 2) improve reporting capabilities and flexibility, and 3) provide easier access to information by management for analysis and decision making.

The Housing Department Asset Management (AM) Group currently collects “rent roll information” for each property in its affordable housing portfolio on which the City has recorded an affordability restriction on a locked and formula driven Excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is:
• Revised annually
• Posted on the Department’s website
• Borrower’s then download the spreadsheet
• Borrowers copy data from their property management software (e.g., Yardi) and paste it into the spreadsheet
• Borrowers research tenant files for additional information and enter it into the spreadsheet
• The spreadsheet tests for compliance and generates its own dashboard of management relevant data
• Asset management specialists receive the completed spreadsheet via email from borrowers
• AM Specialists review the rent rolls for completeness, accuracy and compliance with income and rent rules
• AM Specialists enter the compliance findings into a SalesForce compliance screen
• This makes possible a compliance results reported to be generated
• Compliance data (and ultimately operating data) can then be reviewed for policy and portfolio management purposes

There are approximately 175 properties with 17,000 units on which rent, income, household size, unit size, and many other data fields must be collected, reviewed and processed. The data from the rent rolls is intended to be entered into a dashboard (to be created) in SalesForce to allow for portfolio analysis and policy decision making.

Reducing the amount of time managing data and interfaces will allow asset management specialists to spend more time analyzing and understanding property operations and would allow management and others to extract data from SalesForce that is useful for policy analysis and decision making. This would also reduce the amount of time that Borrowers would have to handle and manually transfer data.

This workflow could be improved through the addition of an online rent roll data entry and management portal. Such a portal would:

• Allow Borrowers to take data from their property management data systems and import it directly into the portal and allow real time data updates if possible (i.e., as a unit is vacated or occupied the data at the property could be live fed to the portal)
• Allow the entry and retention of other data not captured in their property management software
• Allow for regular software updates without violating data already in the system
• Take the data from the Borrower’s side of the portal and transfer it to the City’s database (in SalesForce presumably) and organize it in a way that is usable by the AM Specialists
• Make the data readable by the AM Specialists as well as other city staff
• Facilitate the retention of data year over year as well intra year
• Serve to reduce the amount of times that data has to be handled and reassembled for transfer.