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  • Governer Partner :City of Syracuse
  • Department :Permit Office
  • Category :CRM / application management, Digitization, Permit Streamlining, Process Improvement

Project Summary

Permit management platform for collaboration between permit applicants and city employees.

Challenge Details

The City of Syracuse needs a permit management system that centralizes, tracks, and archives all of the reviewers’ and applicant’s permit application documents, comments, updates, and changes.


When permit applicants submit a permit application it is currently scanned into a PDF file and imported into the city’s permit software system, IPS.  Then, multiple departments are tasked with reviewing the permit and approving it.  These reviews are typically done in tandem, and if departments have questions or concerns, they independently reach out to the applicant to request clarification or updates.  This leads to version control issues. If the applicant provides updated plans to one of the reviewers, those updates are typically not shared with the other reviewers. Therefore, many departments may be conducting their reviews with out-of-date plans or information.


Additionally, there is no way for applicants to see where their permit stands in the review process.   If an applicant wants to check on the permit’s status they either have to wait to hear from the City, or call and hope that they can speak to someone with information about their application.


The City of Syracuse needs a system that centralizes, tracks, and archives all of the reviewers’ and applicant’s comments, updates, and changes to permit applications.  Additionally, it should alert all of the reviewers and the applicant to any posts or updates about the project. The system should allow the applicant to respond to comments or questions and update their project and application.  These updates should be available for all of the users to see. Tracking of approvals should also be available, so that the applicant can see where their application stands in the review process. The system should maintain data about how long it takes each reviewer to approve an application.  It should also provide data about the biggest permit application mistakes. For example it should determine if there is a trend or pattern for why permits get denied.


This system would help internal stakeholders ensure that everyone is reviewing the same plans.  It would also improve communication, break down silos, and improve teamwork. Finally, it would reduce redundant questions.


The system would also help external stakeholders by increasing transparency and allowing them to see their permit’s status.  It would reduce the number of repetitive tasks that the applicants have to complete and improve customer service.