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  • Governer Partner :Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • Department :Milk Marketing Board
  • Category :CRM / application management, Digitization, Open Gov, Payments / Lending, Process Improvement

Project Summary

Digital platform for managing applications and licensing related to milk supply chain

Challenge Details

The Milk Marketing Board (MMB) is an independent administrative agency designated to create stability in the marketing of milk by giving dairy farmers a fair and equal opportunity to market their milk. MMB processes approximately 2,500 paper checks per year for license renewal. There has been a staffing reduction so there are less staff to perform the work.

MMB provides an inventory of licensing forms on their public website ( These forms are currently available in PDF and Microsoft Word formats and are used by various user groups (Dealers, Subdealers, Haulers, Weighers / Samplers, and Testers) to submit and renew licensing.

Currently, forms are completed by the relevant user group(s) and submitted via phone, fax, or email. Where relevant, licensing fees are also submitted via check or money order to MMB. The Commonwealth has credit card payment capability but MMB does not currently accept credit cards.

The Milk Marketing Board seeks a system to allow 1500 of the 2500 licensees – weigher / samplers and testers – to complete license application and renewal processes completely in an online format. The solution will need to integrate into MMB’s enterprise system (MARS) while utilizing the Commonwealth’s Payeezy online payment solution. The MARS system utilizes an Oracle database.

A successful project with allow the agency to:

• Improve customer service by offering an online channel for licensees to submit and pay for their annual license requests.
• Improve internal efficiency by replacing a manual process with an automated one thus allowing the MMB to better deal with staffing reductions.
• Improve accuracy of both submissions and payments by incorporating validations where needed.
• Reduce processing time for the issuance of licenses.