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  • Governer Partner :Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • Department :PA Office of Administration Bureau of Talent Development
  • Category :CRM / application management, HR / Training, Process Improvement

Project Summary

Design of an immersive learning environment for the delivery of virtual, augmented or mixed reality training and development courses to reach a large, geographically diverse population of learners, either synchronously or asynchronously.

Challenge Details

The Office of Administration’s Bureau of Talent Development is responsible for the design and distribution of all mandatory & developmental online training modules for approximately 80,000 commonwealth employees. Currently, completion numbers for these trainings are satisfactory; however, there is significant room for improvement. Incorporating virtual, augmented or mixed reality components will increase knowledge transfer and applied learning for all commonwealth employees.

Current pain points for providing training and development to 80,000 commonwealth employees include:

1. The need for employees, spread geographically across Pennsylvania to travel into Harrisburg for instructor-led training, where class sizes are limited to 20 – 25 students.
2. The limitations training and development staff experience with virtual platforms (previously OpenScape, currently Skype) in handling large numbers of students seamlessly, while keeping the training modules interesting and engaging is a challenge.
3. Numerous technological limitations impact training effectiveness and the ability to connect with commonwealth employees on a larger scale.

To increase compliance and knowledge transfer, virtual sessions require simulation or immersion into real-world experiences and practices. Bureau of Talent Development staff would like to leverage the use of virtual, augmented or mixed reality to reach a larger audience, provide realistic scenarios, improve retention and recall, save time and money, and increase engagement and understanding for commonwealth employees.


• Redesign two existing mandatory enterprise-wide trainings – safety and workplace safety- with the addition of virtual, augmented or mixed reality courses for learners.
• Ensure training is available to a large, geographically-dispersed audience who are linked through the commonwealth network.
• Develop solutions that will provide virtual training to a geographically-dispersed audience without adverse impact to the commonwealth network.