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Project Summary

Traffic incident dashboard to identify and measure improvements to traffic incident response.

Challenge Details

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) is seeking a traffic incident reporting dashboard to inform development and assessment of Bay Area incident management and safety related projects. By providing an understanding of how long different types of incidents take to clear, it would make it easier to identify and measure improvements to traffic incident response.

Traffic incident information is publicly available in real-time through the California Highway Patrol computer-assisted dispatch software (CHP CAD) but the information is not presented in a user friendly format for viewing, reporting, and analyzing.

MTC is lacking a timely, user-friendly traffic incident dashboard to view reports on details about incident characteristics and trends. MTC would like to be able to easily access current and past information about incident durations/clearance times by type of incident and geographic location, identify hotspots, and explore impacts of incidents (possibly including costs, secondary crashes, etc). For example, we would like to be able to answer questions such as how long big rig incidents typically take to clear on I-880 compared to other corridors.

This project would involve working with MTC to define reporting needs and possibilities using the CHP CAD data, parsing and cleaning the data as needed, and working with MTC staff to develop pre-defined reports. Methods such as keyword searches may be necessary to glean useful incident information from the CHP CAD ( and While the initial project would include pre-defined reports, future phases could include custom reporting capabilities, and/or incorporate other sources of traffic incident information.

We are seeking a mobile-friendly data reporting dashboard that meets the following requirements:

Uses CHP CAD data to produce a series of predefined reports that are user-friendly, clean and presentation ready.

• Reports should be viewable in real-time, and also available for historical comparisons.

• Reports may include information such as clearance times for different types of incidents, by geographic location, and may be presented in a similar style to MTC Vital Signs (

• Each report should have documentation available so that users can see how the report was compiled and understand the potential limitations of the data.

• Create a user friendly data reporting dashboard using real time incident data directly from the CHP CAD. This solution would supplement other existing sources of traffic incident information, such as the California Highway Patrol: Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System, SafeTREC Transportation Injury Mapping System, and the Caltrans Performance Measurement System (PeMS).

• Allows non-technical users to generate reports and/or custom reports.