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  • Governer Partner :Metropolitan Transportation Commission
  • Department :Technology Services Section’s Service Delivery Unit
  • Category :AI/ML, Mobile App, Natural Language Processing (or Language), Process Improvement

Project Summary

Virtual voice assistant for tech support to provide immediate customer feedback and generate trouble tickets.

Challenge Details

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) is seeking to provide a voice-enabled, immediate technical support system for our conference rooms. If successful, the program could be expanded to other areas, including common spaces and offices.

Currently, staff calls an extension on a telephone or sends an email to our help desk for support issues. Adding a voice assistant to each conference room that allows for immediate support interaction could reduce the time to resolution, improve customer satisfaction and provide the intelligence to automatically log the ticket in the help desk system while providing simultaneous support.

The Technology Services Section’s Service Delivery Unit is responsible for conference room AV and computer end user support. The conference rooms generate a large volume of high priority trouble tickets. Currently the process is manual and requires users to dial a phone number or send an email to summon help.

Staff often tries to fix the issue, losing valuable meeting time. In addition, staff is reluctant to call support using a speakerphone as it is often being used for the meeting itself (the only phone available in the room). Sending an email for support gives staff the impression they are sending a message to a “black hole” and perceive that sending an email is not an immediate enough method.

IT Staff is very limited for end user support, specifically for conference rooms. IT staff has prioritized conference room issues as one of its highest priorities, however the end user community does not believe the support is responsive enough. Using virtual assistants can provide immediate feedback, including interactive troubleshooting while, at the same time, alerting IT staff and generating a high priority trouble ticket.

The conference room application is the first step in a full scale deployment of voice assistants for the enterprise. The agency believes there are applications ranging from AV and computer support to facility management and catering needs. This challenge is to build phase one of the program, to whet the users appetite and demonstrate the power of voice assistants.

MTC is seeking a solution that would accomplish the following:
• Improve tech support for conference rooms
• Modernize technical support channel development
• Deliver real-time support inside conference rooms
• Improve customer service levels