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Project Summary

Uber for paratransit services.

Challenge Details

One of the The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada’s (RTC) challenges is to provide paratransit customers and caregivers with real time updates on pickups and drop offs. Request for Information will be issued for vendor response on this challenge.

RTC’s paratransit service receives between 500 and 700 calls each weekday regarding “where’s my ride” updates from customers and caregivers who inquire on how much longer they will have to wait for their ride to arrive or when they will arrive at their destination. Currently, the RTC’s contractor fields these calls and uses AVL/GPS software applications and interaction with dispatchers to provide answers to inquiring customers and caregivers.
This is a cumbersome process at best when typically dealing with anxious customers and caregivers. The technology exists and is in various stages of testing and production for use with Smartphone technology.

RTC seeks a user friendly interface via smartphone and desktop devices that allows customers/caregivers to visually and/or audibly get real time notifications on when their scheduled bus will arrive to pick them up. To include the ability to schedule and cancel rides, allow caregivers to get updates.

Enhance the customer experience by eliminating the “middleman” intervention by providing real time updates via a smartphone for customer and/or caregiver to:

1) Receiving pickup and drop off updates real time without making a phone call to a “ride inquiry” representative
2) Ease the anxiety, frustration of the customer and /or caregiver waiting for their ride, etc. by minimizing and/or eliminating needless phone calls, waiting in a hold queue, being placed on hold by a representative, etc.