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Project Summary

Develop dashboard for traffic conditions along arterials

Challenge Details

Las Vegas has access to significant amounts of data from vehicles that describes performance along signalized arterials and at signalized intersections. For example between August 19 and the afternoon of August 23, we ingested 1,680 records about trips along arterials and 8,170 records about what happened when a vehicle reached a stop light (was light green, so no stop, or was there a stop and how long and how far back in line was the vehicle).
The amount of this type of data we receive is increasing, and we are also obtaining other datasets that provide information about traffic signals.

We have the ability to conduct some dashboard displays and analytics, but we would like assistance in developing the queries, analytics, reporting, and feedback loops so that our signal timing work is based on these insights.

• Enhance the analytics, display and evaluation of richly detailed and comprehensive signal performance data.
• Develop methods to combine the data we collect from vehicles with other sources of information such as complaints, work-zones, and transit activity.
• Develop recommendations for using the insights from this data to assign work tasks, quantify benefits, and develop messaging for various audiences.