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  • Governer Partner :State of Vermont
  • Department :Department of Economic Development
  • Category :CRM / application management, Process Improvement

Project Summary

Development of an economic development focused relationship management system.

Challenge Details

The Department of Economic Development (DED) is responsible for helping to grow the Vermont economy by; 1) facilitating the location of businesses in the State; 2) aiding in business expansions and; 3) advocating for business issues.  To fulfil this responsibility, we require a system for housing the data that we collect in our interactions with our prospects, clients and business partners, including their participation in the programs that we offer.

We researched the major CRM offerings, but found that these systems have been developed with the business sales process in mind.  These systems have been designed to primarily serve the workflow needs of those that sell high-volume, low-value products.  We have licensed a system, but have found that the configuration is a major hurdle because we are focused on capturing a much wider range of information on accounts with whom we have long-term relationships.  Our relationships tend to revolve around participation in our programs rather than selling an item.  These programs generally have an application process, an award document, reporting requirements, periodic fundings and close-out reporting.

Since there is such a mismatch in the data fields and workflows in our standard CRM vs what we require as an economic development organization, we are spending an inordinate amount of time and resources undoing the standard configuration and re-configuring it to meet our requirements.  Changing the standard system is also resulting in constant problems – and re-working.



DED currently uses an existing CRM system with robust RESTful APIs.  We are interested in either an alternative CRM system or a front-end application that would add additional functionalities and improve the usability of the current CRM system.

We seek a solution that provides:

  • -A relationship management system that is built around economic development data fields and workflows
  • -A system that can track our client’s participation in events and programs
  • -A system that includes the ability to manage our grant and loan programs in the same system
  • -There is the potential to add a feature that would provide information on available commercial real estate locations in the future (a site locator feature)