Why Join STIR?

STIR represents an entrepreneurial, public-private approach to co-developing products that help solve city challenges, while highlighting innovative work that is already taking place in city departments. As a STIR Partner City, you’ll have the opportunity to strengthen your city’s innovation capacity by expanding partnerships with multiple partners across sectors.


Resources: STIR Partner Cities have a dedicated, central point of contact who coordinates with the STIR Central Program team to organize and manage the 16 week STIR program in their city.

Training & Support: STIR Partner Cities receive support from the STIR Central Program team including up to 3 site visits, on-going training and education, post-program reviews, and planning support for future STIR cohorts.

New Methodologies: Since the participating startups work closely with city departments, STIR also provides an opportunity for city staff to learn more about startup methodologies and how to apply them to their own work.

STIR Network: Finally, as a STIR Partner City, you’ll benefit from sharing challenges, resources and best practices among a network of participating Mayors Office and department leaders.


STIR Partner Cities are responsible for assigning a point person to organize and manage the 16 week program. The point person helps departments source ideas and challenges and manages workshops and networking activities. The point person will identify and respond to issues or needs that may arise from both startups and departments, with support provided by the STIR Central Program team.

STIR Partner Cities are responsible for following the guidelines set in all program documentation.

Get Involved!

Want to learn more about what it takes to be a STIR Partner City and how your city can benefit? Visit these FAQs or send us a message via the form below for more information.

Timeline: Applications open February 2017, learn more here