What Is Startup In Residence?

Startup in Residence (STIR) connects government agencies with startups to develop technology products that help make government more accountable, efficient and responsive. Over 16 weeks, city agencies and startups work together to co-develop custom solutions that address real civic challenges.

STIR is a collaborative partnership led by City Innovate Foundation, San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation, Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center, ReadWrite, GovTech, and Crunchbase.

STIR Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of civic challenges can STIR help solve?

    There are 3 types of civic challenges STIR can help address:

    SERVICES: Improve and modernize the delivery of government services. STIR teams have developed platforms to streamline service delivery through mobile solutions and digital platforms.
    Example: Improving the delivery of services to homeless residents 
    PROCESSES: Digitize business processes to reduce inefficiencies and backlog for residents and staff.  STIR teams have developed new mobile and software solutions that improve business processes such as applications, permits, and fieldwork data collection.
    Example: Streamlining the Foster Parent Application 
    DECISIONS: Optimize resources through data-driven decision making and emerging technologies. STIR startups have optimized existing resources through GIS platforms and implemented new emerging technologies such as IoT devices. 
    Example: Improving the ability to make critical program decisions with a geodashboard
  • What are the requirements?

    All STIR Partner Cities and Government Agencies must commit to providing: 


    Support from an Executive Champion (Mayor, City Manager, Chief Innovation Officer, etc.) Limited time commitment, but must support the program by attending critical events (Kickoff, Demo Day, etc.) and be available for program updates. 


    Program Lead who will manage the implementation of the STIR program, and oversee and manage the civic challenges and teams. Up to 20% time for the pre, post and residency activities. 

    Civic Challenges: 

    Commitment to launching 1 to 3 Civic Challenges that directly relate to a city or agency priority area.

    Membership Fee: 

    Ability to provide the STIR Membership Fee. Membership fees are due in October, at the start of the 16-week Residency. Fees are based on the operating budget of your city or agency (see below for details). 
    Annual Budget Membership Fee
    <$100M    $5,000
    $100M- $500M    $10,000
    $500M- $1B          $15,000
    $1B- $5B   $20,000
    $5B+          $25,000
  • Why STIR?

    STIR represents an entrepreneurial, public-private approach to co-developing products that help solve civic challenges while highlighting innovative work that is already taking place in city departments. As a STIR Partner City, you’ll have the opportunity to strengthen your city’s innovation capacity by expanding partnerships with multiple partners across sectors.
     Solutions  Leadership  Methodologies  Network 
    Co-develop technology solutions that meet the needs of your city’s agencies.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Further your city’s leadership as a driver of partnerships and innovation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Gain exposure to innovative methodologies for streamlining procurement, and proven best practices for developing and launching a STIR program through the STIR learning platform and STIR Playbook.                  Develop new partnerships across the STIR network of cities and discover innovative solutions.                                                                                     
  • How do I apply?

  • I've Applied! What should I expect next?

    • Applications close on  July 31st  to join the 2017 STIR Network. 
    • STIR will announce the new STIR Cities in August 
    • If selected, STIR staff will work with you to refine 1 to 3 civic challenges for STIR Projects by August 30th. 
    • Commit to the Membership fee for program support, training & oversight provided by STIR staff (membership fees are due in October, at the start of the STIR Residency)
    • Support the Startup open call for STIR Projects by promoting your civic challenges. STIR will provide a campaign and outreach guide for how to promote your civic challenges. Startup applications will be open from September 1st  to September 30th.
    • Evaluate and Select your Startups October 1st – 20th. STIR will provide an in-depth guide for reviewing, interviewing and selecting your Startup team. 
    • Launch your STIR program’s 16-week residency from October 2017 to  January 2018 and participate in the STIR training webinars provided via the STIR digital learning portal. 
    • Celebrate and share your outcomes at the STIR Demo Day in San Francisco February 2018.
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Quick Links

STIR Overview (PDF)

STIR Government Network Overview Deck (ppt), includes:

  • STIR Overview
  • Impact to date
  • Civic challenges with in-depth examples
  • Case Studies
  • STIR City Partnership Overview, Eligibility Guidelines & Fees

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