Many inside and outside of government are looking for the inspiring solutions that STIR delivers. Thus, STIR builds in moments for sharing and celebrating success, such as the program kick-off, social events, and the culmination of Demo Day. These moments give audiences within the city a chance to see innovation at work, which can begin to change culture and build support for STIR and other innovation programs.

Of course, these success stories are based on the hard work and impactful solutions that project teams co-develop over the course of 16 weeks. STIR concludes with startups training city staff and handing off their product, along with conversations about city partners entering into a contract with startups for continued use of the solution.

Share the work within City Hall. As teams develop working prototypes, be sure to create opportunities to share these solutions beyond program participants. We’ve seen more than one “a-ha!” moment when department leaderships are able to interact directly with STIR startups.

Plan for product hand-off. From the outset, STIR teams know they have 16 weeks to collaborate on developing and deploying a solution. Towards the end of this period, startups and city staff develop a transition plan, including training, product rollout, and decisions about ongoing maintenance and contracting.

Demo Day. Demo Day is a high-profile event that showcases the partnership and solutions developed during the STIR program. Startups and city staff co-present their work, highlighting the unique perspectives and talents each brought to the table to address civic challenges.