Who should join Startup in Residence?

Anyone with a passion for civic technology and the skills to build a prototype for a government agency in 16 weeks. We work with startups and entrepreneurs from a variety of stages and disciplines:

  • GovTech Startups that are interested in their first or their twentieth government contract.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to launch a startup with a user tested product based on real market needs
  • Social enterprises that want to reach government customers

Startups can be located anywhere in the world, however it’s important to meet in person with the government agency at a minimum of twice during the program.

What are the benefits?

  • Partnership with a New Potential Customer / New Market: Participating startups have a working relationship with a government agency through a streamlined procurement process to develop a prototype based on real user needs.  
  • Expedited procurement process: The project may lead to a contract after residency through a significantly simpler procurement process.
  • Market insights: Startups witness firsthand the challenges faced by local governments, which are significant purchasers of technology goods and services.
  • Business opportunities: With personal connections and a prototype based on real user needs, startups have a head start for entering contract agreements with government customers.
  • Mentors and networks: Startups have access to office hours and mentor sessions with investors, founders, and designers who are leaders in the gov tech industry.

Participating in Startup in Residence does not guarantee a government contract. However, many startups have successfully entered contracts with their partners at the conclusion of the program. Read more on STIR Stories.

What are the expectations?

Startups must be able to meet with their government agency partner in person at a minimum of twice during residency.  Key collaboration points include the scoping workshops, kickoff, discovery (e.g., user research and interviews), and Demo Day.

Startups must be willing to volunteer their time with their government agency partner, typically about one day a week. They are expected to be responsive to the needs of their city partners within the mutually agreed upon scope of work.

Startups must adhere to the Terms and Conditions outlined by their city. Startups are also expected to participate in educational and training sessions, such as office hours with mentors or check-in calls.

Get involved!

Learn more about the program.  Send us a note below.