Why Join STIR?

Startups bring a unique spirit and practice of innovation to cities. Successful participants have ranged from new projects spun up specifically for STIR, to mature technology companies looking to working in Govtech.


Customer Insights: Startups have the opportunity to gain insight into the challenges and opportunities in government, one of the largest purchasers of technology goods and services.

Mentorship: The program provides exposure to mentorship by leaders in both public and private sectors, including a network of successful civic entrepreneurs. The insights gained from working one-on-one with department leaders and city staff can translate into successful approaches for getting your next government customer.

Enabling New Opportunities in Government: Startups in the STIR program have the unique opportunity to begin working with local government agencies quickly, due to STIR’s RFP Innovations. This allows Startups who participate in the program and deliver successful technology solutions the opportunity to enter directly into contract negotiations with their departments, at the discretion of each Department.

Learn about our Alumni’s Impact to Date here

STIR Network: As a STIR Startup, you’ll benefit from having access to the STIR network of startups, mentors, and government partners.


Participating startups must adhere to the Terms and Conditions outlined in the STIR RFP (Request for Proposals), participate in the required education and training components of the program and are encouraged to participate in community and networking events.

Startups are expected to be responsive to the needs of their government partners relative to the scope of the solution they’re developing and should notify STIR Central Program team members when issues arise.

Get Involved!

Interested in becoming a STIR startup? Visit these FAQs or send us a message via the form below and we’ll keep you updated on the application process.