Syracuse Application Instructions

When to submit

Submissions must be received by Wednesday, November 14, 2018 at 2:30 P.M.


Where to submit

Mail your proposal packet to the following address:

  • Mary E. Vossler CPA
  • Office of Management & Budget Director
  • City of Syracuse
  • 233 E. Washington Street, Room 221
  • Syracuse, New York 13202


How to submit

Mail one (1) original, eight (8) bound copies of your proposal, and two (2) copies on a USB Drive.

Proposal guidelines:

  1. Proposals must be succinct.
  2. All pages must be numbered.
  3. Boilerplate and glossy promotional materials are discouraged; any such materials deemed necessary should be included as a separate appendix and may or may not be considered as part of the evaluation.

What to submit

The forms required for the proposal are attached in the RFP.  The RFP can be viewed here.   

  1. Cover Letter:  This section should be 1 single-sided page maximum.
  2. References:  This section should be 1 single-sided page maximum.  Please provide the name, location, and brief project description of up three people or organizations that you have previously worked with.
  3. Team Organization:  This section should be 1 single-sided page maximum. Indicate makeup of the entire project team. Include identification of the key project team members by name, title, and their specific responsibilities on the project.
  4. Answers to Questions:  This section should contain the answers to the questions described in section 8 of the RFP.
  5. Required Forms:  These are included in Appendix B of the RFP.