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Why Join STIR?

STIR represents an entrepreneurial, public-private approach to co-developing products that help solve civic challenges, while highlighting innovative work that is already taking place in civic departments. As a STIR partner agency, you’ll have the opportunity to strengthen your community’s innovation capacity by expanding partnerships with multiple partners across sectors.

Since 2014, STIR has tackled dozens of civic challenges across challenges in areas like smart city infrastructure, process improvement, and civic engagement. 


Expedite the Procurement Process: We’ve developed a process to significantly reduce the procurement cycle.  Implement your project faster. 

Mitigate Risk: Trial a working relationship using agile design and development methodologies.

We’re There for You: We provide you with a structured framework of engagement with the startup.  Your agency will have a dedicated, central point of contact who organizes and manages the 16 week STIR program in their city.  You also receive on-going training and education, post-program reviews, and planning support for future STIR cohorts.


STIR partner agencies are responsible for assigning a point person to organize and manage the 16 week program. The point person helps departments source ideas and challenges and manages workshops and networking activities. The point person will identify and respond to issues or needs that may arise from both startups and departments, with support provided by the STIR program team.

STIR partner agencies are responsible for following the guidelines set in all program documentation.