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Startup in Residence Sponsorship

STIR is a cohort-based program that gives industry leaders a seat at the table in the govtech ecosystem.

Partners get insight to the specific challenges that governments have prioritized and unique access to the startup innovators that are solving those challenges.

Sponsorship Access

Insight into Use Cases:  Get insight into smart city use cases that go beyond typical examples. Learn how saltwater intrusion detection is saving money; how real-time monitoring of cisterns are making SF safer; or optimizing placement of public trash bins is making cities cleaner.

Relationships: Engage with public sector leaders and civic entrepreneurs bringing new, innovative technologies to the public sector to drive impact and goodwill in government. Your expertise will help form trusted relationships with government leaders and startups.

Scale: With an estimated 40 challenges, industry partners have extensive opportunity to engage. This opportunity will grow as the program scales to 100 global cities.

Technology Advisory Board.

The Technology Review Board is a group of subject matter experts that self-select challenges submitted by our government partners to provide technical assistance.

The Board provides guidance to ensure the long-term success of the STIR challenges.

Board Member Benefits
  • Get access to all of the 40 challenges by having a seat at the STIR Technology Review Board.
  • Advise on and help shape the direction of the challenges that are most relevant to your organization.
  • Interact and engage with government agencies and startups throughout the process.
  • Your level of engagement is determined by your interest and capacity.

Apply to be on the TAB

If you are interested in a seat on the Technology Advisory Board, please contact