Apply to Join the Fall Cohort2circles

Startup in Residence (STIR) connects government agencies with startups to develop technology products that help make government more accountable, efficient and responsive. Over 16 weeks, agencies and startups work together to co-develop custom solutions that address real civic challenges.

In addition to the advancements in areas such as digitization, citizen engagement, and public safety, STIR is adding a Mobility Track and a Smart Cities Track, which you can apply to participate in.



Senior Leader Support: Mayoral Support and Approval from City Manager/Chief of Staff.
Program Lead: Senior-level City Lead to oversee implementation of the STIR program through the 16 week residency, as well as pre-and post-residency activities.
Project Managers and Department Support: Executive-level support from selected government departments to for STIR projects and a team member to lead each challenge.


Priority Areas Commitment to identifying at least 1 – 3 civic challenges that are directly aligned with a city or department’s priority areas.
Impact: Solutions to challenges will create real impact for residents and/or city staff.


STIR Membership: $5,000- $25,0000 STIR membership fee, based on city’s annual budget.
Department Budget: Ability for departments to procure solutions co-developed during STIR (at their discretion).