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2017 STIR Exchange

The STIR Exchange matches startups with city departments to test technology products and build partnerships.

By participating in the exchange, city departments will gain exposure to products that could address their most pressing technology challenges. At the same time, startups will gain valuable insight on how to improve their product's usability.

Review the products and teams below. To arrange a user testing session, send a message to with your department name, contact information, availability, and preferred product. The startup will schedule a test date in August.

The tests are generally one hour or less, and include in-person or remote interviews, usability tests, and product demos.



Yeti: Chatbot for Procurement Image
Yeti: Chatbot for Procurement
Product: A chatbot to assist city employees with procurement. Target audience: Budget and compliance control departments, city purchasers. Partner city: San Francisco ... Read More
UrbanSim: Residential Site Feasibility Analysis Image
UrbanSim: Residential Site Feasibility Analysis
Product: A site feasibility analysis tool that generates an optimal unit count for a residential site given zoning constraints and building program requirements. Users can also incorporate  development and financing cos... Read More
YoGov: Web Portal for City Services Image
YoGov: Web Portal for City Services
Product: A web portal for residents to access city services. Residents will no longer have to hunt through websites to find what they’re looking for or avoid city services all together. Like Amazon or Netflix, this pro... Read More
Civic Studio: Lottery for Reserving Spaces Image
Civic Studio: Lottery for Reserving Spaces
Product: An application where administrators can create locations and spaces, and users can register for randomized drawings to reserve them. Target audience: Arts commissions, arts program manage... Read More
APPCityLife: Development Fee Calculator Image
APPCityLife: Development Fee Calculator
Product: A native mobile app and web app that allows developers to quickly calculate fees associated with the development of a specific location. The tool has two goals: (1) enable developers to quickly determine the ove... Read More
Bexi: Chatbot to Find Community Activities, Places & Events Image
Bexi: Chatbot to Find Community Activities, Places & Events
Product: A chatbot that helps people find relevant activities, places, and events. The purpose of this project is to reconnect locals and introduce new people to the downtown area — from the ... Read More