Startup in Residence (STIR) 

Startup in Residence (STIR) connects startups with government agencies to develop technology products that solve real civic challenges.   During the 16-week program, startups work with government partners to understand a government-identified problem.  Through a streamlined procurement process, startups develop solutions for government agencies with a expedited pathway to implementation.

The Mobility Track

For the 2019 residency, we are including a track that will focus on an array of challenges that government and transit authorities face, such as:

  • Measuring customer experience in stations, at bus stops, and on revenue vehicles
  • Reducing travel time for customers
  • Creating a centralized monitoring of critical systems
  • Online training for public transport operators

Benefits of STIR 

  • The right solution: Work to address real pain points with entrepreneurs for solutions that meet your needs.
  • Get problems solved, faster: Bring your requirements to a broader market of potential vendors.
  • Expedited procurement process: Implement your project faster.
  • Mitigate Risk: Trial a working relationship using agile design and development methodologies.

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  • Access to a Potential Customer / New Market: Participating startups have a working relationship with a government agency through a streamlined procurement process to develop a prototype based on real user needs.  
  • Uncover Use Cases: Startups come to deeply understand actual use cases for their product.
  • Meet Leaders in the Govtech Market: Startups have access to office hours and mentor sessions with leaders and investors in the gov tech industry.
  • Expedited procurement process: The project can lead to client contract after 16-week residency

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