What is STIRx?

STIRx is a network of partner cities that manage their program locally without the full program management support from the STIR Central Program team.  Projects and programs are fully planned and coordinated independently, on a city-by-city basis.


Resources: STIRx cities have access to most materials and resources and participate in learning and training sessions via-webinars on a self-paced basis. Inquiries and questions go to a central discussion group that gets responses from the STIR Central Program team. In addition, STIRx cities will be provided with information on sourcing and scoping projects to fit their challenges.

STIR Network: Being part of STIRx allows for network building, with light support on how to host convenings, events, build agendas, and secure speakers to attract needed audiences. STIRx provides access to the national network of STIR cities, startups and ambassadors to help build your ecosystem and attract talented entrepreneurs.

Expectations. STIRx cities will have a dedicated point person and adhere to the frameworks provided in the STIR manual. If any major issues arise, that point person can alert the STIR Central Program team. STIRx cities are expected to represent the STIR brand while integrating the templates and other resources provided in ways that fit the context of their cities and departments.

Get Involved!

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