Binti & San Francisco


Felicia Curcuru, Founder, Binti

"Participating in STIR has been great for Binti. HSA has recommended us to other counties in California, so we can start scaling our impact and expanding our business."

Barrett Johnson, Program Director, Human Services Agency of San Francisco

"Through our participation in the Startup in Residence program, we co-developed an impactful product, and the partnership with Binti really helped us advance our efforts to nurture a more modern, tech-friendly organizational culture."


San Francisco’s Human Services Agency (HSA) was seeking a mobile friendly, cloud-based software solution for individuals interested in becoming foster parents in San Francisco’s foster care system. In addition to digitizing the current paper-based review, assessment and placement process, they wanted to improve their pipeline for potential foster parent candidates beginning with their initial interest through final certification. Finally, staff hoped this new software system would reduce the time social workers spend managing their caseloads and completing tasks required to approve new foster families.


The Binti team worked closely with HSA staff for four months to understand the foster family placement and approval process, the associated challenges social workers experience, and what an ideal process might be. Binti then built a first version of the software, tested it with the San Francisco team, and continued to improve it in partnership with HSA and their feedback.


At the end of 16 weeks, Binti developed a mobile-friendly web app for prospective foster parents, making it easier and more straightforward for them to complete the process. Binti also developed software that helps reduce the time it takes for social workers to process foster parent applications, ultimately helping them do more social work and less paperwork.


  • According to San Francisco's Human Services Agency (HSA), Binti saves their social workers 20-40% of their time.
  • Binti is estimated to reduce the time to approve each applicant by 50%.
  • Binti's product has been purchased by 31 public agencies in California, Colorado, and North Carolina, including 25 of 58 counties in California.
  • The number of applicants in San Francisco who want to foster children has increased 300% since the product's launch.
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